Delivering positive impact in fragile & conflict-affected societies



Maximising business contributions to sustainable development and positive peace, A human security approach, January 2022. The UNSG report by LSE IDEAS, FCS Impact and other expert organizations sets out what a human security approach means for business, and highlights issue areas such as information technology, impact investing and migration, where the private sector can make a difference through helping to build resilient communities and delivering the SDGs. 

Human Security Business Partnerships: A framework for collaborative action and innovation This report presents the Human Security Business Partnership Framework, an innovative model to assist companies and investors work with communities, the UN system and local stakeholders to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to peacebuilding and reconciliation in fragile and conflict-affected settings.  Annex 1 on social impact measurements has been written by FCS Impact and Bureau Van Dorp, May 2021

The Social Impact of Business in Fragile and Conflict-affected Settings: Contributing to the SDGs and reducing local ESG risks by using Human Security and Positive Peace, Policy Brief written by Marcel Smits and Mark van Dorp, January 2021

New Approaches to Assessing the Social Impact of Business in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings. A discussion Paper for LSE-IDEAS written by Mark van Dorp (Bureau Van Dorp) and Marcel Smits (FCS Impact and the Institute for Economics & Peace), July 2020

Measuring intercultural dialogue: a conceptual and technical framework. A 2020 UNESCO and the Institute for Economics & Peace publication written by Ciara Aucoin (Ulster University) under the editorial and technical guidance of Euan Mackway-Jones (UNESCO) and Marcel Smits (Institute for Economics and Peace). 

Making SDG 16.3 Work for the Rule of Law and Access to Justice: Measuring Progress in Fragile and Conflict-affected States. A blog post by Marcel Smits (Institute for Economics and Peace), David Connolly (Hague Institute for Global Justice) and Peter and Sluijs (Cordaid) as part of a Knowledge Management Fund supported public event and roundtable in October 2017. 

Conflict-sensitive Approaches to Development, Humanitarian Assistance and Peacebuilding: A Resource Pack. A 2004 FEWER, International Alert and Saferworld publication.