Delivering social impact in fragile & conflict-affected societies

Our Clients 

  • International companies that face particular challenges in high risk markets and fragile states and other businesses interested in in minimizing risks when starting operations or investing in FCS.
  • Institutional investors aiming for meaningful corporate social performance.
  • Public sector actors; governments, international institutions and civil society members seeking evidences on social impact in FCS.

We work in close consultation with our clients to define the needs and the specific role in addressing (material) issues, one that clarifies the social value and balances the competing needs and interests from other stakeholders. We offer our clients access to resources, information & knowledge and new markets and practical solutions. Where needed, we help build new partnerships to ensure the solutions we provide are effective and cost-efficient. 

Recent Clients 

Between June and August 2020, FCS Impact conducted research and analysis for the UN Business and Human Security Initiative by LSE-Ideas and the UN Human Security Unit. FCS Impact and Bureau Van Dorp produced a paper and policy brief discussing a new ESG impact measurement framework in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (FCS).  As part of this novel approach, it offered practical guidance that would contribute to responsible and sustainable business conduct in FCS.