Delivering social impact in fragile & conflict-affected societies

Our Services

Dealing with Challenges

We assist our clients to deal more comfortably with complex FCS challenges in a way that fits their capacity and ambition. We identify those opportunities and risks which matter most to all stakeholders and help to adopt and adapt new knowledge and processes to create practical solutions capable of responding to the challenges, whether in the field or at headquarters. By taking a holistic approach, we leverage the connections between multi-dimensional social, environmental and other issues so the total risks (including those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic) and their thresholds are fully accounted for.

Shaping Decisionmaking 

Our client centric approach helps our clients meet growing demands to create social value and the ability to demonstrate tangible contributions to the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). We capture the comprehensive nature of impact by showing the interconnectiveness between security, Human Rights and sustainable development which helps decision-making and prioritizing and reduces the complexities of current methods of measuring and reporting

We do so by:

  • Developing (corporate) social impact assessments, local materiality analyses and measures for tracking and reporting.
  • Assessing key risks and producing operational guidance for the implementation of risk-informed actions and policies.
  • Building effective multistakeholder partnerships for data collection, analysis and impact validation as well as facilitating client-community engagement.